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Drone It! is a team of professional photographers and videographers that have been a part of the industry for 3 years. We specialize in aerial photography, event photography, creative portraiture, destination photography, boudoir photography, beach and bikini photography, candid moments, family photography, and much more!  We service clients throughout the Hawaiian Islands and destinations including (but not limited to) Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Thailand.

We operate in one of the fastest growing sectors of aviation, photography and cinematography. Thanks to technological advances, state of the art robotic aerial vehicles (or drones as we call them) have changed our perspective and put the display of breathtaking aerial footage into the reach of every business and individual. 
Droneit! are the experts when it comes to high definition aerial photography and videography for tourism, sporting events, commercials and all facets of business and life - from real estate and construction to special events and beyond. 

As a fully FAA certified and insured commercial drone operator, Droneit! stand at the cutting edge of ultra-HD aerial vision creation.
The team behind Droneit! comes from a variety of high-profile backgrounds in aviation, media, business and sports. We are passionate about the potential of using drones and traditional photography tools to create stunning imagery and are dedicated to working with authorities to regulate this new industry for safety, risk management and legislation. We work ethically, by the book and guarantee amazing images.

 We also provide drone rental services so you can count on us to rent a drone for your Hawaii vacation!

Meet the team

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