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Color Correction

In addition to our full range of video production services, we also offer a full range of color correction services.

Color correction is the balancing of your film from shot to shot– even if you shot with multiple cameras, on multiple days and in multiple scenarios, correction ensures that everything feels like one continuous piece.

Color grading is more of the art or overall feel and style of your video. Our color grading artists will help your project reach it’s potential by using color to create an emotional feel of your film.

Whether its enhancing an already beautifully shot spot to give it that extra bit of pop, or fixing issues such as white balance, skin tones and more, the color grading artists at Drone It can transform any project into a beautifully colored show reel piece.

For productions shot over an extended period of time, we manipulate the colors so your video has complete visual continuity.

Through understanding your concept, the staff at Drone It crafts a specific mood for your video by brightening, saturating, and modifying colors. By using a variety of digital tools  our staff creates videos where you or your product always look your best!

• fixing white balance

• creating visual coherence in balance and tone

• fixing excessive exposure problems

• scene-to-scene matching

• facial enhancements

• professionally calibrated equipment

Please see some examples below

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